Cannibal Hearts — A Review

And he goes on to review Cannibal Hearts

The Eldritch Paths

I wrote in my review of Catskinner’s Book that, upon finishing it, I immediately bought the second book in Misha Burnett’s weird urban-science-fantasy-thriller-horror series. Much like the first, we are treated to more the same. Here, it means you’re in for a fantastical and horrific journey with madman in the driver’s seat. I have no idea where Burnett is taking us, and I don’t care because I’m loving every minute it..


At the end of Catskinner’s Book, James along with his newfound allies accepted employment for Agony Delapeur, a creepy, crazy, psyhotic non-human with a penchant for the color red. The second book begins about a year later with James having settled into his new position somewhere in Agony’s labyrinthine maze of companies, shell corporations, and construction firms. While conducting an inspecting of a former tenant’s apartment, James (and Catskinner) stumbles upon a bunch of Russian-mafia types hiding a horrific…

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I am the author of "Catskinner's Book", a science fiction novel available on Amazon Kindle.
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  1. Prince LaQroix says:

    Like I said on my blog, I’ve already finished the entire series. Amazon tells me I bought Catskinner’s Book on the 19th. I read the sample for Gingerbread wolves last night, bought the book this morning and finished it by 4 pm. A four-book series read in about 10 days… I haven’t done that in years. My reviews of the third and fourth books should be up sometime next week.

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