The Worms of Heaven — A Review

I’m not paying this guy, honest.

The Eldritch Paths

If there’s one thing Misha Burnett can pull off extremely well, it’s the beginnings of his novels. Every novel in his Book of Lost Doors series so far dives right into the action. No boring exposition or “previously on”. Perhaps that, more than anything else, kept me reading.


It’s been about a year since the events of the last novel, and James has had time to deal with the fallout, mainly Godiva’s sudden parting. His sister, Agony, is on the rise in the world while James himself occupies a top position with Agony’s corporate empire. And then Agony gets kidnapped. From that point on, the story blasts into hyperdrive and doesn’t give you time to breathe until the end.

Misha Burnett can do characters. That much is obvious, but even better, he does characters without pages of flashbacks and pointless exposition *cough cough* Stephen King. In addition, these characters are…

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1 Response to The Worms of Heaven — A Review

  1. Prince LaQroix says:

    He most certainly isn’t. I just really love the books.

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