Requiem for an Assassin

Farewell, Niblog. We totally stole all his gear and cash–it’s what he would have wanted.

The Mixed GM

There hasn’t been an update from the Sunday night ACKS game in a while. We’re still playing Expedition to the Barrier Peaks (and spots are open!). This past Sunday had not 1, but 2 character deaths!

Meet Niblog the Untrustworthy.

Niblog the Untrustworthy Handsome fellow, ain’t he?

Niblog has been with the party a looooooooooong time. Even was turned to stone for a while.

He got better.

But unfortunately, after tangling with some large spiders…he succumbed to poison. Save or die is a hard way to game, but my players are made of the sternest stuff imaginable.

F.png All my electronic gamer bros… you know what to do!

The player rolled up a new character…with 4 Strength and 6 Intelligence. Sometimes 3d6 in a row can screw you over. But, he went with the punches and we now have a Mothperson Light-Taker with us!

Our second death requires a bit more set-up. Back in

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