Time to go to Cha’alt!

Kill all the things! Take all the stuff!

The Mixed GM

At the request of one of my players, I am going to tell you the story of Yasid the Florida Man’s ‘dick-capitation’.

Yasid found a swimming pool deep in the spaceship with glittering gold and gems sitting at the bottom. He immediately jumped in.

As a Florida Man, he does not wear clothes. He travels the world skyclad. No need to worry about trying to swim in armor!

Dispelling the illusion it cast on itself, a strange creature attacked poor Yasid.

Eye of the Deep This is NOT something you want to meet in a swimming pool.

In the ensuing attack, Yasid fell to zero hp from a bite attack, but the party was able to kill the creature and rescue him. Because we are playing ACKS, that meant it was time to roll on the Mortal Wounds table.

Guess what the result was?

“Your genitals are damaged (cannot reproduce, -3 to reaction…

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