From All Of Us To All Of You A Very Merry Christmas

Duel Visions is on sale from now until New Years day.

2019 saw the publication of two projects that I am very proud of.

I pitched Duel Visions to Cirsova at the end of 2018. It was an experiment.  Two authors, both working in Weird Fiction but stylistically very different, with five stories from each of us.

A lot of people have remarked that stories seem to be variations on the same theme, but that wasn’t intentional–there are just certain themes that lend themselves naturally to a blend of Fantasy and Horror.

So we each have a story about transformation: “The Silk Of Yesterday’s Gown” and “Sinker, Sailor”. We each have a story in which Death is personified as an animal: “Black Dog” and “Selena”. We each have a story about urban predators stalking their prey, “The Blacklight Ballet” and “Ragged Angels”.

But here it breaks down. One could maybe stretch the definition and classify  “The Green Truck” as an alternate history (something sure the heck “alternate” is going on there, anyway) and pair it with “The Summer Of Love”, but “The Statue” and “We Pass From View” don’t have much in common except that they are both set in the past.

Or maybe “The Green Truck” should be paired with “We Pass From View”, since both are an existential–even epistemological–horror. Which puts “The Summer Of Love” with “The Statue”. And that could work, too, since we don’t know exactly where and when “The Statue” is set.

But, as I say, that wasn’t intentional. I like Louise’s work and I wanted to do a project with her, showcasing New Wave or Weird Tales or Slipstream or whatever that blended genre is.

From a literary standpoint I think it’s a success.  I like all of the individual stories and I think the aggregate effect is powerful. There is a dreamlike quality to the collection that lends a delicious feeling of unreality. It’s a glimpse into a world that’s just like ours, but stranger.

From a commercial standpoint… eh, not so much. It’s a hard book to sum up in an elevator pitch. The reviews have been very positive (we could always use more) and I think most people who have picked it up have been pleased with it.

There just aren’t that many people picking it up.

So here’s the deal. The Kindle edition is on sale for 99 cents through New Years Day, and I’d really appreciate it if you all would share the word–and maybe pick it up yourself, if you haven’t already.

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I am the author of "Catskinner's Book", a science fiction novel available on Amazon Kindle.
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