2019 in Review

This past year I published the following stories:

UPDATED: I forgot one. 

In Duel Visions (February 14th): “The Summer Of Love” 6,400 word short story and “The Blacklight Ballet” 7,600 word novelette (the other three stories, “Black Dog”, “The Silk Of Yesterday’s Gown” and “We Pass From View” were originally published prior to 2019)

In Challenge Accepted (Mar 29th): “These Were The Things That Bounded Me” 8,000 word novelette

In Wild Frontiers (May 31st): “Mystery Train” 6,300 word short story

In Cirsova: Summer Special (Jun 3rd): “The Bullet From Tomorrow” 12,000 word novelette

In StoryHack, #4 (August 13th): “My Foe Outstretched” 3,800 word short story

In Bloody Red Nose (Sep 13th): “Replevin” 1,000 word short story

In Switchblade #11 (October 3rd): “Whatever Lola Wants” 3,200 word short story

In Bad Dreams & Broken Hearts (October 16th)“Worth The Candle” 11,000 word novelette, “In The City Of Dreadful Joy” 4,700 word short story, “All The Kisses In The World” 10,000 word novelette, “Cards For Sorrow” 7,000 word short story, “A Pause In The Day’s Occupations” 11,000 word novelette, and “To Wound The Autumnal City” 10,000 word novelette (“Grand Theft Nightmare” was originally published prior to 2019)

In Sins Of The Fae (November 22nd): “The Lord Of Slow Candles” 3700 word short story

For a grand total of 105,700 words of original short fiction, 15 pieces all together, 8 short stories and 7 novelettes (using 7,500 words as the dividing line.)

It turns out I was more productive last year than I realized.

About MishaBurnett

I am the author of "Catskinner's Book", a science fiction novel available on Amazon Kindle. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008MPNBNS
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