One By One, The Cha’alt Sessions Steal My Sanity

I may or may not have been instrumental in causing some of this chaos.

The Mixed GM

Penguin Shirt

Whenever I go into the Sunday night Cha’alt session, I have given up on trying to predict what the players will do. 70% of the session is just me saying, “What? WHAT?!?!”

This book, this setting is perfect, absolutely perfect for wild shenanigans. If your players are willing to poke things they ought not poke, mess with people / demons / aliens, and cause havoc, Cha’alt is your module!

So what has the party been up to in the Black Pyramid?

– Almost had a TPK when they decided to upset Thoth-A’amon, the Sorceror Priest. One 9d6 Fireball later, most of the party was dead (if not for the ACKS Mortal Wounds table, everyone but one person would be dead, as it stands some of those who dropped below 0 hp came back with injuries) however, a couple survived with horrible injuries).

– As a result of this Fireball, Bambi…

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