Bad Dreams and Broken Hearts — A Review

A very nice review of Bad Dreams & Broken Hearts.

The Eldritch Paths

Misha Burnett is quickly becoming one of my favorite indie authors. BDaBH is urban fantasy done right, in my opinion, and the urban fantasy we deserve. Props to Misha Burnett for bringing it to us.


Erik Ruger works for the Department of Public Safety in the city of Dracoheim, and it’s his job to protect the city from supernatural and magical threats both inside and outside the city. Erick Ruger is just a regular detective with no magical ability. That said, having the main character be just a regular guy is a stroke of genius; It gives us a chance to experience stories from a guy and makes the magic feel more mysterious and… well, magical.

Since this is a short story anthology, I’ll go through each story and write my thoughts on each.

Grand Theft Nightmare — 4.5/5

A magician’s shop has been burglarized and some crazy-dangerous magical compound…

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