Womanface. The new blackface?

A good point.


You’ve signed on to #MeToo. You’ve canceled JK Rowling. You’ve expunged Little Britain from your video collection. Think you can call yourself woke? Think again.

Picture this. You’re at a bus stop. As you’re standing there in your mid-heeled pumps and pencil skirt, minding your own business, up swishes a Vision in stilettos, hair so bouffant it has its own postcode, cleavage deep enough to park a Porsche, nails like talons and perfume that comes perilously close to chemical warfare. “Darling,” he says, in a breathy voice, “has the Number 22 been yet?”

Well, you’re no bigot, so you just say, “No, it’s just running a little late,” and go back to perusing New Idea.

But should you? After all, this guy is pretending to be you. Somewhere along the line, he’s thought to himself, wouldn’t it be great to be a girl….now let’s see, what is it about…

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