An Insane Way to Go About It

File this under, It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Aether Filled Sky Productions

So, the session in Not John Daker’s (also known as The Mixed GM on WordPress) ACKS game last night was insanely fun. The best session in a long time (and they are all quite good.)

Some campaign background.

We had a party that had crashed into a completely different world from where we started after a Bonzi Buddy migrated from infecting the robot character (a re-skinned Berserkernamed KillBot, who was suggested by the player who played it) into the computer of our stolen interstellar ship. We used an army of replicator-spawned Bonzi Buddies (which we did not know were spawning, but converted to the cleric’s religion and fed on sapient summoned bananas), and explored until we found the imperial capital. Madness ensued, and basically we toppled the empire’s leaders twice (not using the Bonzi Buddies, oddly enough), with the result being us installing a massive ancient dragon as emperor, with…

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