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The Book Of Lost Doors Series

Note:  My novels are exclusively on Amazon, for a number of reasons.  Unfortunately, that means that you can only buy the e-books in .mobi (Kindle compatible) format.  Readers who use devices that require a .epub format (Nook and Kobo) won’t be able to buy them. This is not fair, and so I have a standing offer–if you want any or all of The Book Of Lost Doors in an .epub file, send me an e-mail requesting one, and I’ll send it to you as an attachment.  You get the book, and I get to stay in Amazon’s KDP.  Everybody wins.

CatskinnerSmall Catskinner’s book: Catskinner’s Book is a modern fantasy novel set in a surreal world unlike any that you have seen before.

James Ozryck has a monster in his head.

All of his life the entity that he calls Catskinner has made him a fugitive, afraid to get too close to anyone, afraid to stay in one place for too long. Catskinner kills, without compassion and without warning, and is very good at it.

Now James has learned that Catskinner is not the only monster in the world, a world that has suddenly become a far stranger and more dangerous place than he imagined. In order to survive he will have to become something more than a monster, he will have to learn what it means to be human.


Cannibal Hearts: Cannibal Hearts is the sequel to Misha Burnett’s first novel, Catskinner’s Book.

A year ago James Ozryck was a loner, forced to keep the world at bay by the alien entity he calls Catskinner who shares his body. Now he has found a community of others whose lives have been changed by the Outsiders.

Along with Godiva, his half-human lover, James runs a property management company that serves as a front company for Outsider activities.

When the pair’s mysterious boss, Agony Delapour suddenly shows up in town with a new project, however, things gets dangerous fast as events unfold that threaten the life that they have made.

The Worms Of Heaven: The third volume in “The Book Of Lost Doors” series begins when the enigmatic Agony Delapour is kidnapped and James sets off to rescue her.

The kidnapper, who calls herself “The Orchid” has an army of followers, both human and otherwise, and information that suggests a traitor within Agony’s organization.

James has Catskinner.




Gingerbread Wolves:  The fourth volume of The Book Of Lost Doors pits Outsider modified humanity against the Outsiders themselves as Agony Delapour vows to make war against deep heaven.

James is caught in the middle, between those he loves and the alien madness of the old gods, with the future of the human race hanging in the balance. His fragile community must risk everything to prevent the Outsiders from triggering a nova event—a collision of universes that would end all life on Earth.
Agony says that she has a plan, and that even gods can die.
But, as usual in James’ world, nothing is exactly what it seems.

Collections In Which My Work Appears

A collection of New Wave short fiction, five stories by me, five stories by Louise Sorensen.

Includes my stories “Black Dog”, “We Pass From View”, “The Silk Of Yesterday’s Gown”, “The Summer Of Love” and “The Blacklight Ballet”.

And Louise’s stories “Sinker, Sailor”, “The Green Truck”, “Ragged Angels”, “Selena”, and “The Statue

Published by Cirsova Press.




Fauxpocalypse Life on Earth is predicted to end on 15 July 2015. But the oncoming megatons of rock and ice break up shortly before impact. Now humanity must live in a world most believed would not exist. Across the planet, people are haunted by the future they did not fear, and even those who did not embrace death must face the consequences of others’ decisions.

A collection of twelve stories about rebuilding hope.



Utopia Pending: Forget global warming, nuclear proliferation and mass starvation. Forget the doomsayers. The future is (almost) here – and it’s just great! The human race has created Utopia, and if everything’s not perfect, it soon will be.

Or will it? Twelve speculative fiction authors have created twelve wildly different visions of what our Utopian future looks like, and how we got there. From space-age to the return of the wild, from virtual reality to endless summer, from a software-powered paradise to a world without any power at all.



A blind spaceship pilot.
Cops and maintenance personnel in wheelchairs.
Taking on bad guys with only one leg or no arms.
It’s not what you are that makes you something special. It’s who you choose to be.
Seventeen stories about people who rise above anything that tries to stop them, even their own limitations.


WildFrontiers_72dpi_1600wA land where the sweat you shed makes a place yours, whatever lines the government draws on a map; where everyone knows putting on a badge doesn’t make a sheriff better than everyone else; where the divide between legend and reality isn’t always where it seems.From aging settlers who miss the days when the town only had one street to decent folk who become gunslingers, from lawmen who find the solidity of the railroad is no protection from the devil to practical men who discover some monsters are more than heathen superstition, these nine tales will show you the West that was, that might have been, and might be again.

The Sins Of Time Collections

Sins Of The Past

Sins of the Past is a collection of seventeen historical horror short stories. Each story occurs within a different time period and is based off of factual events that have occurred in the past, only with a few changes to what actually happened.





FutureSins Of The Future Sixteen horror stories of the world yet to come.







Sins Of The Gods When the paths of gods and men cross, then the skeins of fate twist. And none more twisted than the sixteen stories of mayhem, horror and the plain weird in these pages.

All These Shiny Worlds Collections

shiny All These Shiny Worlds What do you get when you ask 34 of today’s top indie authors to each submit a story and then ask a team of judges to scour that ore and pick out the gems? You get All These Shiny Worlds: A world of today, divided, black from white, good from evil, and held apart by the taste of a cookie. A world of griffons and glimmer bunnies, sassy llamas, and the magic of beer. A world of contemplation and serenity, of service and devotion, ruled by a jewel and guarded by children. Plus 12 more, for a total of 15 sparkling worlds to explore.



All These Shiny Worlds II The 2017 ImmerseOrDie Anthology. Each year we hand-pick 50 of today’s top indie authors and ask them to submit a story. Then we ask a team of ruthless judges to scour that ore and pick out the gems. The result is All These Shiny Worlds II.

From the brutal curators at comes another collection of indie short stories, each a distinct jewel forged in the fires of judgment, and all continuing to carry our one simple promise: Guaranteed not to suck.

Superversive Planetary Anthologies

Planetary: Mercury Innermost of worlds, blasted by the sun by day and frozen by night, Mercury remains an enigma. Mythical Mercury was also the messenger and trickster, and known for blazing speed and wit. Here are thirteen tales of science-fiction and the fantastic featuring Mercury.

Throughout history, the planets of our solar system have meant many things to many people; Planetary Fiction explores the themes associated with these heavenly bodies as well as their astronomical, mythological, and in some cases even alchemical significance.

Planetary: Venus The second planet from the sun, a world of sulfurous gas and tremendous temperatures where the landscape features—mountains and valleys—are all named for love goddesses. Venus herself is the goddess most known for allure and romance.

Here are twenty stories featuring Venus, the planet, the goddess, or just plain love—both romantic and otherwise. Planetary Fiction explores the themes associated with these heavenly bodies as well as their astronomical, mythological, and in some cases even alchemical significance.

Cirsova Magazine

Cirsova #1 

“Cirsova is a godsend for fans who’ve almost given up on contemporary SF.” – Brian Niemeier, Kairos

“Stuff like this doesn’t come around every day, even if it should.” – JD Cowan, And Between the Wasteland and Sky

“[Cirsova] attempts to re-capture the high adventure spirit of the great pulp mags — and largely succeeds.” John O’Neill, Black Gate Magazine.


Cirsova #5 

Spring 2017 special Eldritch Earth issue.
Burroughsian adventure on a prehistoric Lovecraftian





Cirsova #10 

Crying in the Salt House, by B. Morris Allen
Jeopardy Off Jupiter IV, by Spencer E. Hart
The Best Workout, by Frederick Gero Heimbach
A Song in Deepest Darkness, by Jason Ray Carney
Amsel the Immortal, by Lauren Goff
An Interrupted Scandal, by Misha Burnett
The Sword of the Mongoose, by Jim Breyfogle
When Gods Fall in Fire, by Brian K. Lowe


Cirsova Summer Special

Halcyon, by Caroline Furlong

The Ghost of Torreon, by Edd Vick and Manny Frishberg

The Bullet From Tomorrow, by Misha Burnett

The Star-God’s Grave, by Schuyler Hernstrom

Bleed You Dry, by Su-Ra-U

The Last Fortune of Ali al’Ahmar, by Rev. Joe Kelly

Millhaven Tales Magazine

The third installment of Millhaven Tales focuses on tales of terror. Eleven terrifying tales perfect for the oncoming fall. As the days shorten and the night comes earlier, it is time for chilling stories… These new stories contain the unique, off-center storytelling which is a signature of Millhaven Press. Join us for a stroll in the world of Millhaven — a sometimes comical, sometimes terrifying place.



Five tales of heroic adventure in exotic worlds. Inside you will find the tale of two down-on-their luck Vikings who accept a job from a wizard, despite their misgivings. You will also find the tale of a Vietnam veteran who performs secret missions for the government. On his latest assignment, something goes wrong and he finds himself in a foreign world fraught with dangers beyond his wildest imagination.Next, you will find the tale of three unlikely thieves as they set out on an adventure to find a fabled lost treasure – a treasure which may not even exist.Then you will find yourself in the company of an elite group of Roman Legionnaires as they stumble upon the way to a foreign land. Can they make it back to tell their tale? Last is the tale of an unnamed inter-dimensional traveler as he takes on an evil wizard in a world of arcane magic.

Lagrange Books

Power Always Comes At A Price… Cash or Credit? Welcome to Ye Olde Magick Shoppe! Come in and take a look around. Inside you’ll find all of your magical needs, from summoning imps to healing unicorns, raising the dead or putting them back down again, potions and scrolls and powders—all available for purchase and priced to move.Now with new locations to serve you, from the big city to small towns to the remotest jungle. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is ready to help you find the perfect product, whether you’re looking for true love, revenge, power to win a war, or just an old video tape. We’re here to help you find your heart’s desire.Purchaser assumes all liability for use of product. Always read the fine print. And remember, all sales are final…


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  4. David Emeron says:

    Yes this looks wonderful. I’m honoured that you chose to quote my review (Done in a pseudonym, but still ‘David’ of course)

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  7. Wanderer says:

    I downloaded Catskinner’s Book back when it was free and just stumbled across it on my Kindle. I’m already equal parts disturbed and fascinated—can’t wait to see what happens next!

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  9. sstamm625 says:

    Misha, I’m a few chapters into Catskinner’s Book and am loving it. Fascinating world and concept–and your authorial voice is wonderful.

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  12. Long says:

    Can you get the same narrator to do the second audible book? I can’t wait till it comes out. Do you have a date for this release ?

    I loved the first book . It was so different from any fantasy out there right now.

    • MishaBurnett says:

      Yes, it will be the same narrator, Brendan McKernan. He is the voice of Catskinner as far as I’m concerned. Cannibal Hearts should be out on Audiobook in January of next year. I’m glad you like my work!

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