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A Few Words With Venger Satanis

Venger Satanis is a Tabletop Role Playing Game Designer and a prolific blogger on the subject of RPGs. He publishes his work through on the DriveThruRPG platform as Kort’thalis Publishing. His work falls under the general descriptor of OSR or … Continue reading

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SFWA is a Terrorist Organization

Originally posted on Cirsova:
SFWA is a terrorist organization. For several years, we have remained agnostic on the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. While we have had a few friends who have had “beef” with SFWA, we have…

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Cirsova Publishing Acquires Serial Rights to All of Mongoose & Meerkat

Originally posted on Cirsova:
I can now confirm that Cirsova Publishing has acquired the rights to the entire remaining Mongoose & Meerkat series! We will begin serializing it one story per issue, beginning with Hunt of the Mine Worm in…

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Beyond Kings And Princesses

This book was written by Oren Litwin, who is the publisher of Lagrange Books. Lagrange Books is the publisher of Bad Dreams & Broken Hearts, and also several anthologies that feature my stories. Having admitted that connection between us, let … Continue reading

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Young Dragons

Okay, so I have another project in mind. This one is intended to encourage writers who haven’t made the step to being published. To that end, I am going to be offering more feedback than the usual call for submissions–not … Continue reading

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Bad Dreams and Broken Hearts — A Review

Originally posted on The Eldritch Paths:
Misha Burnett is quickly becoming one of my favorite indie authors. BDaBH is urban fantasy done right, in my opinion, and the urban fantasy we deserve. Props to Misha Burnett for bringing it to…

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Another Trip Into The Mind-Bending Greatness That Is Cha’alt

Originally posted on The Mixed GM:
Cha’alt continues to be a blast. The Black Pyramid continues to be a wild funhouse of a dungeon, each room is something unique and different. If you want to run your players through an…

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One By One, The Cha’alt Sessions Steal My Sanity

Originally posted on The Mixed GM:
Whenever I go into the Sunday night Cha’alt session, I have given up on trying to predict what the players will do. 70% of the session is just me saying, “What? WHAT?!?!” This book,…

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2019 in Review

This past year I published the following stories: UPDATED: I forgot one.  In Duel Visions (February 14th): “The Summer Of Love” 6,400 word short story and “The Blacklight Ballet” 7,600 word novelette (the other three stories, “Black Dog”, “The Silk … Continue reading

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From All Of Us To All Of You A Very Merry Christmas

Duel Visions is on sale from now until New Years day. 2019 saw the publication of two projects that I am very proud of. I pitched Duel Visions to Cirsova at the end of 2018. It was an experiment.  Two … Continue reading

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