E-Reader Apps

Did you know that you don’t need an E-reader to read E-books?

If you want an e-book and don’t have a reader, or if the book you want isn’t available in the format that your reader accepts, you can download a desktop or mobile version of the reader you need for free.  (This is because e-book retailers are savvy enough to realize that if they make the readers available to everyone, they’ll sell more books.)

Kindle App Page (.mobi files)

Nook App Page (.epub files)

Adobe Reader Page (.pdf files)

Kobo App Page (.epub files)

Calibre (free e-book conversion software

Open Office (free office suite)

Unfortunately, I don’t have any information about Apple’s iBook software and was unable to find any iBook reading apps for PC or Android.  If anyone knows of any, please let me know in the comments.


4 Responses to E-Reader Apps

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  2. alicem2013 says:

    Great idea! never heard of calibre and my pc says it is safe!!! thanks!

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