Reach Out And Touch Me

If you want to contact me, here’s how to do it.

I tend to prefer speculative fiction with a lot of action, but I’m open to looking at other kinds of books.

33 Responses to Reach Out And Touch Me

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  5. Misha, I don’t see your Twitter info anywhere on your blog, but I found your handle, @MishaBurnett, and added you to my editors/proofreaders list. It’s for beta readers as well. Do you have a rates page?

  6. You say above that you beta read manuscripts.

    • MishaBurnett says:

      Yes, but I use the phrase “beta read” to mean an informal reading and giving my impressions as a reader of fiction. I’m not going to proof a manuscript, I’m not detail oriented enough for that.

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  12. cyelkoth5637 says:

    Just want to say I finished Catskinner’s Book and thoroughly enjoyed it! I reviewed it through Kindle. Great job!

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  15. Danny in Canada says:

    I acquired ‘Catskinner’s Book’ via Storybundle a few days ago. I was initially somewhat dubious about whether Jefferson’s tastes would be compatible with mine, but the Catskinner sample was enough to convince me. The ending is a bit abrupt, but all the better to lead into the sequel, right?

    I’m a bit reluctant to purchase via Amazon – have you considered signing up with any other resellers (e.g., Smashwords or Google Play)?

    • MishaBurnett says:

      I have tried other retailers, but not with any success. I was on Barnes & Nobel for six months and never made a single sale. I tried Kobo, but couldn’t get them to accept my bank information. I was never able to get Smashwords’ conversion utility to yield a readable .mobi file.

      Honestly, I’m on Amazon exclusively not because they are so wonderful, but because the other retailers are more hassle than then they are worth. Can I ask why you are reluctant to purchase from Amazon?

      • Danny Sichel says:

        I just am. (Plus, credit card issues, plus, I’d rather not create yet another account somewhere, plus, I’m just a bit wary of the Big River.)

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