Reach Out And Touch Me

If you want to contact me, here’s how to do it.  If you would like to be interviewed, to have your work featured on my blog, need a guest blogger, or would like me to be a beta reader for your manuscript, fill out this form and if I’ll get back to you.  Be advised, I don’t always have time to read, and I may have other books ahead of you, so I might not get back to you right away.

I tend to prefer speculative fiction with a lot of action, but I’m open to looking at other kinds of books.

33 Responses to Reach Out And Touch Me

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  5. Misha, I don’t see your Twitter info anywhere on your blog, but I found your handle, @MishaBurnett, and added you to my editors/proofreaders list. It’s for beta readers as well. Do you have a rates page?

  6. You say above that you beta read manuscripts.

    • MishaBurnett says:

      Yes, but I use the phrase “beta read” to mean an informal reading and giving my impressions as a reader of fiction. I’m not going to proof a manuscript, I’m not detail oriented enough for that.

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  12. cyelkoth5637 says:

    Just want to say I finished Catskinner’s Book and thoroughly enjoyed it! I reviewed it through Kindle. Great job!

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  15. Danny in Canada says:

    I acquired ‘Catskinner’s Book’ via Storybundle a few days ago. I was initially somewhat dubious about whether Jefferson’s tastes would be compatible with mine, but the Catskinner sample was enough to convince me. The ending is a bit abrupt, but all the better to lead into the sequel, right?

    I’m a bit reluctant to purchase via Amazon – have you considered signing up with any other resellers (e.g., Smashwords or Google Play)?

    • MishaBurnett says:

      I have tried other retailers, but not with any success. I was on Barnes & Nobel for six months and never made a single sale. I tried Kobo, but couldn’t get them to accept my bank information. I was never able to get Smashwords’ conversion utility to yield a readable .mobi file.

      Honestly, I’m on Amazon exclusively not because they are so wonderful, but because the other retailers are more hassle than then they are worth. Can I ask why you are reluctant to purchase from Amazon?

      • Danny Sichel says:

        I just am. (Plus, credit card issues, plus, I’d rather not create yet another account somewhere, plus, I’m just a bit wary of the Big River.)

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