On Tour

Looking for a guest poster?  I am happy to ramble on any number of subjects.  Have your people call my people, we’ll do lunch. 

For example:

“Is There Such A Thing As Genre?” on Robin Writes

“The Library Shelf” on One Star Books

“Interview with Misha Burnett, author of “Catskinner’s Book” On Pigeon Weather Productions

“Misha Shares Robot Wisdoms” on Rarasaur

“The Daily Racewood Interviews: Author Misha Burnett” On The Daily Racewood

“Formatting An E-Book Is Not Rocket Science” On Michelle Proulx–The Blog. 

“Thinking Beyond The Plane Of Genre” On Davetopia

“Author Spotlight” On Cu’s Blog Tours

“Author Spotlight” On Author Nicole Hill’s World Of Paranormal Romance 

“Author Interview: Misha Burnett” On Amanda Keeney Author

“Author Interview: Misha Burnett and Catskinner’s Book on P. Rose Copeland


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