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Win A Date With Misha!

Well, okay, I’m using “date” in the sense of “I’ll read your manuscript and let you know what I think of it.” See, recently I have gotten several manuscripts as a beta reader, and I have found that I really enjoy reading … Continue reading

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Writing Songs That Voices Never Share

What’s been going on in Mishaland? My arm’s been healing well.  I generally heal quickly.  I’m not sure if healing improves with practice, but I have enough experience with my insides being on the outside that it’s really not any big deal … Continue reading

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Story Cartel

There’s this guy named Joe (Joe Bunting, actually) and he’s the man behind Story Cartel.  I’ve mentioned Story Cartel before, it’s a site for authors to offer downloads of their work in exchange for reviews. My personal experience with being … Continue reading

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Odds & Ends

I keep getting spam from people offering me thousands of Facebook “Likes”.  How is that done?  Do a bunch of people sit in a room logging into one sock puppet account after another to click “Like” on things?  If so, … Continue reading

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Sending a .mobi file directly to a Kindle via e-mail

When I send out documents to my beta readers, I prefer to convert them to an e-reader format, because I want my readers to see the book as close to possible to the way it’s going to look when I … Continue reading

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For my next trick I’ll need a volunteer

Okay, so I just wrapped up Chapter 13 of Cannibal Hearts, which brings my word count to just over 38,000.  I figure that’s close enough to the halfway point that I can send out what I have to Beta Readers … Continue reading

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