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I just finished watching Monsters and it seriously impressed me.   You should know by now that I believe that breaking down the artificial walls between genres is one of the great strengths of independent media and this film does it to … Continue reading

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Notes From All Over

I’ve had kind of rough week, health-wise, a sinus issue that has left me tired and achy and out of sorts, and has cut my productivity.  The famous schizo-effective Saint Louis weather hasn’t helped.  (Monday: sunny and fair, Tuesday: blizzard, … Continue reading

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WKRP In Outer Space

I love TV shows with ensemble casts. There is something about learning a group of people, how they interact, with each one’s strengths and weaknesses, irrational foibles, methods of problem solving.  It’s great fun, and it’s what gives shows like M*A*S*H and CSI their longevity. … Continue reading

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Breaking Bad

I never like television until it was available on streaming.  I was one of those anti-TV snobs, I’d stick my nose and declare, “I never watch television, I read books instead,” and let my listeners draw the inference that I … Continue reading

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