Taming Shadows Cover Reveal

One of the great things about self-publishing is that we learn by doing.

Author Fiona Skye released a novel called Faerie Tales about a year ago, and while she was quite satisfied with the novel itself, she wasn’t entirely happy with either the title or the cover.  Unwilling to let it stand, she came up with a new title and engaged the talented Rachel Bostwick to make a new cover, and here it is:


Click For The Amazon Sales Page


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Counting Stones

This morning I finished reviewing the audio for The Worms Of Heaven. Brandon McKernan delivered another stellar performance.  Assuming that Audible doesn’t find any technical glitches in the files, I expect it will be available before Christmas–just barely, but still before Christmas.

There is nothing quite like hearing someone read your own work–particularly when the reader is both talented and passionate. There were some sections that brought me to tears.  Parts of this book are simply brilliant.  Pure poetry.

Overall, though… I have very mixed feelings about it.  Where it works, it works very well.  I’m just not sure that it really hangs together as a novel.  The pacing feels uneven.  The first half feels too long, and the second half feels rushed.  In places the sequence of events is unclear–I know what I meant to describe, but my phrasing was ambiguous.

Is it a good book?  I suppose it is.  I’ve gotten some positive feedback, and I think that there are enough good parts–and some very arresting imagery–to keep readers going.

It’s just not as good as I wanted it to be.

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Update On My Amazon Series Question

I got a reply back from Amazon regarding my question about how my series was displayed on their site. I am actually quite impressed–they created a Book Of Lost Doors page.

Check it out–it looks awesome.

Unfortunately, clicking on the series name from the individual books doesn’t get you there–that still goes to the page of books that seem to be selected at random.

However, I know that the different parts of Amazon sometimes take a while to get coordinated.  It takes a while for a CreateSpace paperback, a Kindle e-book, and an Audible audiobook to all show up as editions of the same book.  I am hoping that if I give it a couple of days the series links on the book pages will start leading there.  If not, I’ll contact them again.

I’m also hoping that I can have access to the series page and edit the heading–I’d like to write an overview of series to put there instead of the description of the first book.

I’ll keep posting updates as they occur.

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And Must My Name Until I Die Be No More Than An Alibi?

Chugging along on Gingerbread Wolves.  I’m about 27,000 words into it and I’ve hit the point that is always hardest for me, the place where I look around and can’t see either the beginning or the end from here.  If my novel was a drive to LA, I’d be crossing Texas now, watching the sun slowly sink into the flat expanse ahead and thinking, shit–there’s still New Mexico and Arizona to go…

This time, though, it’s easier. I’ve not (or haven’t yet, anyway) been overwhelmed  with story fatigue. I think I’m maturing as a writer, or at least building up my endurance. I’m enjoying the journey more, taking time to explore the events leading up to my big climactic scenes instead of just wanting to rush through them and get to the “good stuff.”

I keep finding new depths to my world and my characters.  I sort of felt my away around Catskinner’s Book blindly, tossing all the random crap I had lying around my mind into one big pot and boiling it until it smelled good.  I made some choices that I probably wouldn’t have made if I’d thought through a multi-book story arc, but I think that’s a good thing.  It’s made me stop and work to keep the world internally consistent.

Still waiting on the audiobook of The Worms Of Heaven. My reader, Brandon McKernan has had some problems this fall, but he assures me that he is working on it and will upload it soon.  I am not going to pressure him–I love what he’s done with the first two, and quality work is worth waiting for.  Besides, it’s not like I have any room to talk.

CatskinnerSmallCatskinner’s Book is still on sale today, for 99 cents, so if you haven’t gotten it yet and you want to, now’s the time. Tomorrow it goes back up to $2.99.

My roommate gave me my Christmas present early (we do that in this house–I gave her an R2D2 car charging station back around Thanksgiving).  She got me both the DVD of the 2012 film of Les Misérables with Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe and the three CD set of the Original London Symphonic recording.

So I’m jamming on ValJean and Javert.  It gets my blood moving.

Speaking of blood, expect a lot of it (along with ichor and other fluids) to get spilled in Gingerbread Wolves.  Bad things are going to happen–very bad things.

But then, did you expect anything else from me?

Back to work.  See you in the funny papers.

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Do You Have A Series On Amazon? Has This Happened To You?

Amazon.com  The Book Of Lost Doors  Kindle Store Here’s an interesting issue that I have just become aware of.

My novels are part of a series that I call The Book Of Lost Doors. They are listed that way on Amazon, with the series title and number listed after the title on each book.

However, if you click on the highlighted series name, it does not take you to a page that shows my series, but a page with a lot of different books, most of which have nothing in common with mine–no common words in the series name, no common keywords, no connection at all that I can see.

Is there a way to use the series title to allow readers to find all of the books in your series, and not find other books with no connection to yours?



I have e-mailed Amazon and will update this when I get a response, I was just wondering if anyone had dealt with this issue before and knew how to fix it.


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Oh, no! Did you miss Read Tuesday? There might still be hope…


My books will be on sale all week, and I suspect others will as well. Just check the price before you buy.

Originally posted on ReadTuesday:

Happy Sad


Soon, Tuesday, December 9, 2014 will be history. Read Tuesday is an annual event like Black Friday, but for book lovers.

If you missed it, there may still be hope:

  • First, if you’re reading this post on the night of December 9, there might still be a few hours left.
  • Second, many of the participating books are on sale for one or more days beyond Read Tuesday, so some books might still be on sale. (This is a wise practice for authors to pick up a few latecomers to the party.)
  • Third, if you’re really late, there is always 2015. Maybe you’re not a week late. Maybe you’re 51 weeks early. Buy yourself a 2015 calendar and circle Tuesday, December 8, 2015 so you don’t miss it next year.
  • Fourth, we may have some other book sales going on during 2015. For example, we’re considering quarterly events. Follow…

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Last Day of the Imminent Danger IndieGoGo Campaign! Get Your Swag Before It’s Too Late!

Originally posted on Michelle Proulx -- The Website:

The title says it all, but basically today is the last day of my IndieGoGo campaign for Imminent Danger And How to Fly Straight into It. That means it’s your last day to nab a signed copy of the book, plus assorted awesome swag like mousepads, coasters, bookmarks, art cards, and so on and so forth.

Don’t forget about the stretch goal — if we break $600, everyone who contributed (except for the $3 perk) will get a bonus art card of the gorgeous new Chasing Nonconformity cover! We’re at $593 right now — so close!

Anyway, this will be my last post about the campaign before it comes to an end — although I’m sure I’ll do a post or two reflecting on how the campaign went, lessons learned, wisdom gained, etc. Until then, as a special favor to me, please consider sharing the campaign on the social media…

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