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I am the author of "Catskinner's Book", a science fiction novel available on Amazon Kindle.

Stories wanted for a Sword and Sorcery anthology

Originally posted on Books of the Broken:
Do you have what it takes to follow in the footsteps of Robert E. Howard (Conan/Kull), Fritz Leiber (Fafhrd & the Grey Mouser), C.L. Moore (Jirel), Lin Carter (Thongor), or Joanna Russ (Alyx)? …

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I was a willow last night in a dream

I was listening to Robert McCammon’s novel Boy’s Life the other day.  In the long introduction he talks about childhood and magic, and how the world is a magical place when we are children and we gradually lose our ability … Continue reading

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Cirsova #5 Free All This Week!

Originally posted on Cirsova:
We’ve been running a promotion on twitter, where for every 100 retweets, we’ll make a back issue of Cirsova free. We’re making #5 free first, because it contains both The First American (Schuyler Hernstrom) and…

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New Magazine Magazine: Pre-orders for Issue 1, Submissions for Issue 2

Millhaven Tales –

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An Opportunity

When I was looking for short fiction markets I ran across a call for submissions for The Best American Science Fiction And Fantasy 2018.  As near as I can determine, it’s a legitimate anthology, open to SF and Fantasy stories … Continue reading

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An Open Invitation

Originally posted on Entertaining Stories:
Let’s start this post by recycling this graphic: Long time followers know what this is all about, but I’m going to write about it for the new folks out there. I use my original character,…

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As the creator of the Slagborn, I approve of this post.

“Beyond the Great Divide” by S.H. Mansouri an Ursa Major Award Finalist –

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