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I am the author of "Catskinner's Book", a science fiction novel available on Amazon Kindle.

One Week and One Day Till Illustrated Stark!

Originally posted on Cirsova:
The trade paperback of Queen of the Martian Catacombs, along with the deluxe hardcover omnibus, drops a week from Tuesday! How well these two titles do will have direct bearing on how much money we will…

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Session 14 of “Liberation of the Demon Slayer”

Originally posted on The Mixed GM:
Here is the full party: Niblog the Untrustworthy = Assassin PC Exardell = Mystic PC Duffles the Unfortunate = Mage PC Joan = Fighter NPC Glevina = Elven Ranger NPC Sherry = NPC Cleric…

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Where Are Cirsova Hardcovers?

Originally posted on Cirsova:
The short answer? On Lulu! Several people have noticed that only Paperback and Ebook copies are available on Amazon. Well, the sad fact of the matter is that Amazon won’t carry certain formats  printed by Lulu.…

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Coming Soon: “The Wand that Rocks the Cradle” — Building Worlds

Another great project from the press that brought us Ye Olde Magic Shoppe! Sorry for the radio silence recently! You’ll be happy to know that it’s because: I’ve been mailing out the paperback books to Kickstarter backers of The Odds … Continue reading

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“Worth The Candle”

Okay, so I started in on the story that I promised to write in my last post. There is still plenty of time to get your name into it–all you have to do is leave a review of Duel Visions … Continue reading

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Red Shirts & Reviews

Haven’t you always wanted to be part of the shadowy underworld of outlaw spellcasters? To live the life of a magical gangster, full of danger, intrigue, unlawful conjurations, and bucketfuls of cold hard cash? Well, here’s your chance! I will … Continue reading

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Going Native & Other Stories

DimensionBucket Media is one of the new crop of indie publishers.  A quick glance at their catalog shows a preponderance of horror titles, but their submission guidelines state they are open to all flavors of speculative fiction–science fiction, fantasy, adventure, … Continue reading

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