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I am the author of "Catskinner's Book", a science fiction novel available on Amazon Kindle.

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Ignore The Puppy

“Because that means it’s the city. That means it’s the landscape: the bricks and the girders, and the faulty wiring and the shot elevator machinery, all conspiring together to make these myths true. And that’s crazy.” Samuel Delany Dhalgren Modern … Continue reading

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Meat & Potatoes Fiction

Today I went out with my roommate to a local diner for breakfast, and she made a comment that basic, simple food could be so good. I replied that it was good because it fulfilled a need. Giving your body … Continue reading

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Adventure Stories For Young Readers

Well, here it is. In some ways this was a difficult anthology to put together. It has been a very long time since I was young, but I tried to remember the sorts of stories that got me hooked on … Continue reading

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Pitching a collection of short fiction to a small press

Since I’ve done this several times and a couple of people have asked me how I managed it, I wanted to set down my thoughts. Be advised that these are my personal experiences and may not be applicable to your … Continue reading

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Submissions are Closed!

Originally posted on Cirsova:
We didn’t plug our submissions window as much as we had in the past because we knew just how much fiction we’d end up with if we did. The best [worst] we did one year with…

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The Paths of Cormanor Reminder, Robert E. Howard Art Chronology, More Julian Hawthorne, and Open Submissions!

Originally posted on Cirsova:
The Paths of Cormanor Cirsova Publishing has just 8 days to go on the Kickstarter for Jim Breyfogle’s The Paths of Cormanor! This new spin on the story of the Swan Princess is sure to delight fans…

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Married… with Adventure!

I am looking to put together an anthology of Action/Adventure stories that feature a hero and a heroine who are either a married couple at the start of the story or become engaged to be married during the course of … Continue reading

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Blacktop Wasteland

As an interesting aside, I was revisiting Donald Westlake’s Parker novels (published under the pen name of Robert Stark) when I ran across this review and decided to give it a try. Five minutes into the audiobook (read by Adam … Continue reading

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That Summer’s Evening Long Ago

The latest issue of Storyhack Magazine is now available. In it you will find, among other stories, a new Erik Rugar mystery, “That Summer’s Evening Long Ago”. Savvy readers will recognize the title as a line from Lewis Carroll’s poem … Continue reading

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