My Review of Tim Power’s “The Anubis Gates”

New review up on The Castalia House Blog.  Tim Power’s The Anubis Gates.

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Just Visiting: Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, MO

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Originally posted on MzSusanB's Just Visiting:
Life, and the Art of Accessibility Part 1: The Grounds I will admit it: the Missouri Botanical Garden (MoBot) is my gold standard — “the best, most reliable, or most prestigious thing of…

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The Stuff Greens Keep Getting Wrong

The real world tends to NOT cooperate with the Greens constant scream  of “DOOM, DOOM, The World Is Ending!!” I was ten when the first Earth Day came a round and these predictions  were…

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Just Visiting: Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, IL –

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The Case For Gender Segregated Bathrooms

Recently I have seen a fair amount of content regarding the laws passed in a couple of states that will permit business owners to use their own judgement in the designation of restrooms rather than forcing all bathrooms to designated by some government functionary.

The main thrust of much of this content seems to miss the central fact regarding gender identity, which is that it is an entirely subjective and non-falsifiable condition.  That is to say that there is no way to confirm any particular person’s preferred gender, only that person’s actual gender.

A man who thinks that he is a woman is identical, in all objective tests, to a man who thinks that he is a man.  There is no way to distinguish between the two. It may be possible that there are such things as souls, and that souls are male and female, and that sometimes a male body is paired with a female soul.  It may even be true that it is better to change the body to match the soul, rather than the reverse.

However, it is unquestionably true that souls, if they exist, are by definition ineffable. The only way that I can know what you think you are is to take your word for it.

This means that there is simply no way to make a female restroom, locker room, or changing area accessible to men who identify as women without making it accessible to men who identify as men, or, for that matter, men who identify as hamsters.

This makes the debate regarding whether gender identity disorder is a treatable mental illness or not irrelevant.  The question is whether the desire for some men to use a woman’s restroom outweighs the desire for women to use a bathroom that has no men in it.

Should we, as a nation, compromise the security of half of the population in order to cater to the feelings of a small fraction of one percent of the population?

I think that the answer is no.  More importantly, I think that the answer to that question is one that should be left to the owner of the restroom in question, and not dictated from on high.

Now, advocates of making all restrooms accessible to all genders will argue that a man who identifies as a man will not use a woman’s bathroom under false pretenses, but, sadly, the fact is that many will, and are already doing so.  At least one university has been forced to re-segregate shower areas because so many young men were using cell phone cameras to record young women in the shower.

Once a person has been through the process to become the opposite gender in law the question is moot.  A man who has had his birth certificate changed to read female is now a female in law, and should then use the gender appropriate bathroom, and use it without fear that men who have no intention of changing genders will be in there.

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Frank Miller’s Ronin

My review of Frank Miller’s Ronin is up on the Castalia House Blog. 

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Author Interview – Misha Burnett

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Originally posted on My Writer's Journey:
Misha Burnett has little formal education, but has been writing poetry and fiction for around forty years. During this time he has supported himself and his family with a variety of jobs, including…

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