Interview: Misha Burnett


I am interviewed on Planetary Defense Command.

Originally posted on Planetary Defense Command:

Misha Burnett asked me to meet him at this riverboat casino. I’m taking shallow breaths to protect my lungs from cigarette smoke, but my sense of smell is shot. I can’t pick out sounds over the musical ringing and dinging of slot machines. I’m down two senses – is this a trap? I spot Misha, who seems oblivious to the smoke, noise, and commotion surrounding him. Maybe he’s a little too calm. I look down at my pad of paper, and scratch out half of my questions. I want to get out of here.

Misha, many people daydream about writing a novel, but never write anything. What was it that pushed you over the edge?

I think that most people who talk and daydream about writing do write, at least some. It’s finishing a novel that is comparatively rare. I estimate that I started on forty or fifty novels…

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Review: The Worms of Heaven


A new review of The Worms Of Heaven on Planetary Defense Command.

Originally posted on Planetary Defense Command:

41XWcAsvwnL._SL250_The Worms Of Heaven

Flying SaucerFlying SaucerFlying Saucer

Three flying saucers
(3 out of 4 rating)

The Worms of Heaven is the third book in Misha Burnett‘s “Book of Lost Doors” series. I’ve previously reviewed the first two books, Catskinner’s Book and Cannibal Hearts. The stories focus on James, a young man who shares his head with Catskinner, who I tend to think of as a demon. Catskinner is actually something else which is a bit difficult to define, and his type are incorrectly assumed to be demons, aliens, angels, or whatever by normal humans.

This third book is more of the same. I don’t mean that in a negative way; if you liked the first two books you’ll probably like this one as well, but if you didn’t like them, you shouldn’t read The Worms of Heaven expecting a radical change in style.

The Spoiler Dragon

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Planning A Promotion

I have decided to run a promotion for my birthday, so all four of my novels in e-book will drop to 99 cents for the week of August 6th thru 13th, 2015.

That gives me better than a month to come up with ways to promote it.  Any ideas?

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Thank You, Goodreads

This morning I saw a Google Alert on my name and followed the link to see that someone had added a quote from Cannibal Hearts to Goodreads.

Goodreads   Misha Burnett Quotes  Author of Catskinner s Book

I don’t know who did it (I didn’t even know that it was something that could be done, actually) but whoever you are, thank you.



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Shape It Up, Get Straight, Move Forward, It’s Not Too Late

I now have two out of three formats available for Gingerbread Wolvesthe Create Space version has been added to the Amazon sales page, so that people who want the trade paperback can order it that way.  I have my own copies ordered and they are currently in beautiful downtown Newark, NJ, according to UPS. So I hope to have the hardcopies in my hand late this week or early next week.

The third format is in the works–Brandon McKernan has agreed to produce the audiobook.  If you’ve heard the others (and you should–if you have the Kindle versions you can add the audio for a nominal fee) you know that Brandon is the voice of Catskinner.  When the Sci Fy Channel makes the Catskinner series and they ask me who should play the lead, I’m going to point them to Brandon and say, “It’s him, or I walk.”

He (naturally) has other projects, so right now I can’t give a release date for the audio, but I do want to have it live by the first of October, so I can have all four novels in all three formats by Archon.  (Not that I expect to sell any audiobooks at Archon, but I think it looks more professional.)

Speaking of Archon–what is it?  I’m glad you asked that.  It’s one of the biggest and longest running Science Fiction/Fantasy conventions in the American Midwest. I will be attending, live and in person, at a multi-author sales table in the Dealer’s Room. There is a Facebook group for that table, and any indie authors out there who would like to be featured at the table, check out the group and send me a message.

We are also putting together a panel for the convention, a group of self/indie-published authors talking about publishing alternatives in the 21st Century.  There’s an interesting mix of experience represented and it should be a good discussion.

Now, attending a convention is so far out of my comfort zone that light from my secret hideout won’t reach Collinsville, IL for several centuries. But a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

In addition to all this I am getting back to work.  Volume Five of The Book Of Lost Doors is called World Edgewise, and I’m in chapter two as I write this.  If this goes like the other ones have I’ll expect to have it out in Summer, 2016.

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Are Amazon *Really* Paying Authors Per Page Read? No. No, They’re Not. [Pause] Well…


A clear step by step explanation of the changes in Amazon’s KU program and what “paid by the page” really means.

Originally posted on CATHERINE RYAN HOWARD:

I understand how the internet works. I know what click bait is. If I click on a headline like She Used a Pen To Open an Envelope. You Won’t Believe What Happened Next… or His Dog Pooped In His Shoe and the Shoe’s Reaction was PERFECT, I agree that I’ve no one to blame but myself. But headlines about Amazon paying self-published authors per page read has my blood pressure spiking.

They’re inaccurate because they’re out of context. The truth is buried in the posts themselves no sooner than five or six paragraphs down, but people don’t seem to be reading that far based on the tweets I’ve seen in my stream. And as for people outside the self-publishing world – well, they seem to be missing the whole point of it altogether.

Now, it’s been a while since I wrote a nuts-and-bolts post about a self-publishing thing but [rolls up shirtsleeves, takes…

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Gingerbread Wolves

GWCoverVolFourSmallOkay, this is it.  As of right now Gingerbread Wolves, the fourth volume of The Book Of Lost Doors is live on Amazon Kindle.

I have also uploaded the files to Create Space for the trade paperback version, which should be available sometime this week–I’ll keep you posted.  It takes longer to approve those files than the e-books.

Okay, time for a nap.


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