Reminder On Big Savings On Cirsova Back Issues


We have some enormous stuff just on the horizon that we can’t wait to share with you, but until then, let me vamp by reminding everyone that MANY Cirsova back issues are available from our Aerio store for under $7. If you need to fill gaps in your collection, the best way is to visit our Aerio store!

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A Truly Steller Achievement

Ninety authors.

Nearly two hundred stories.

Eleven volumes.

Tuscany Bay’s Planetary Anthology Series is now complete.

This is really an extraordinary body of work. Originally conceived by Superversive Press and then handed off to Tuscany Bay Books, it has been years in the making.

I am proud to have a small part in the project–I have stories in Mercury, Venus, and Neptune.

But more than my own contribution, I am thrilled to see a major short fiction project come to fruition.


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There’s a new anthology out from Lagrange Books. This one is Hard SF. My own contribution is called “Fragile” and it’s an homage to a type of crime story that I’ve always liked. An innocent man is taken hostage by a criminal in his home and has to use his wits to outsmart her.

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Duel Visions Update: Price Slashes!


Have you missed out on Misha Burnett and Louise Sorensen’s Weird Fiction anthology, Duel Visions?

Well, great news!

Not only is the eBook 99 cents, expect to see some impressive discounts on the paperback as well!

Be sure to check out this fantastic collection from two of Cirsova’s best macabre storytellers!

[And remember that Misha Burnett’s anthology, Endless Summer, is out now from Cirsova Publishing!]

Finally, I should point out that the Spring Issue DOES have an Amazon page, and stuff will be populating to it soonish.

Also, did I mention Jim Breyfogle has a website now? Maybe he’ll post my fan-art of Kat!

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Two Weeks Left and We Still Need $5k More!


So far, we’ve only managed to raise just over 2k for our 5th Anniversary Issue. It’s hard to sell the hardcover on the merits of a cover by a famous and well-known artist when we don’t have the cover in hand, but some natural disasters in South America have led to some unfortunate delays. But rest-assured, the spring issue is happening and it’s happening with all three covers!

But why do we need the Kickstarter to succeed?

If the Kickstarter funds, we get the $7k RIGHT AWAY. That money will, of course, be used to fulfill physical copies to backers, but the art is all paid for already. The money that we have left over will be free to make 2022 acquisitions over the summer.

If we DON’T get the Kickstarter money, then we won’t see a dime from sales of this issue until July! Which means probably no…

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New Wild Stars Promotional Art from Dark Filly


Dark Filly just sent us this gorgeous piece of the Red Queen from Michael Tierney’s Wild Stars V: The Artomique Paradigm!

You can back on Kickstarter today!

Also, Cirsova Vol 2. #s 1-5 are currently free on Amazon, so get caught up!

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Pulp On Pulp

Well, it’s finally here. What started as a discussion about writing on Twitter has become a reality. A collection of essays from a number of authors with a wide variety of viewpoints will be available in a few days. The preorder price is 99 cents, but I understand that it will be available for free shortly after it goes live.

It’s less of a textbook on how to write as a troubleshooting guide. In the pages we analyze what worked in the old pulps, and how to apply those same principles today. As I say in the introduction I wrote for it, not every essay is going to be applicable to every author who dives into these pages seeking advice, but I think that nearly anyone will find something in here to help get through those rough spots in the road that we all encounter.

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12 Cirsova Stories on Tangent’s Recommended Reading List!

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Cirsova 2021 Line-up

Holy cow! Cirsova’s going up to 11 in 2021!


Looks like I’ve finally got the 2021 line-up set! [also the contributor page has been updated to reflect 2020].

Issue #6 is pretty much in the can, and Issue 7 is in Mark’s hands for review.

Beginning with issue 6, Cirsova will finally have illustrations! DarkFilly is providing illustrations for The Artomique Paradigm and The Grain Merchant of Alomar. Robert Zoltan has a piece in his own story. We’ve also got more art coolness that I’m honestly too exhausted to go into right now… I’ll go into it later.

For now… check out the line-up for next year! [and please please please pick up copies of Pursuit Without Asking, the Winter Issue, and Endless Summer so that I can afford all of this…]

  • Issue #6 Spring, 2021
    • Novel
      • The Artomique Paradigm (Part 1 of 3), by Michael Tierney
    • Novelette
      • The Book of Dark Sighs, by Robert Zoltan

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Endless Summer, Out in One Week!


Just a reminder, the retail edition of Misha Burnett’s Endless Summer is out a week from today!

If you missed the Kickstarter, you can still get your hands on a copy in time for Christmas!

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