A Call For Essays: Pulp On Pulp

I would like to try to put together a collection of practical essays from writers of Action/Adventure Fiction. Cheah Kit Sun, writer and self-publisher, has agreed to act as publisher.

This would be a non-paying project, to be available for free. The goal of the collection is to help writers by offering advice on the mechanics of building quick paced, exciting novels and short fiction.

A secondary goal is to use the collection to promote the authors who contribute to it, but I’m not going to trot out the “do it for the exposure!” line. This is going to be a labor of love, a chance for writers to share what they have learned on the job, and hopefully a collection of tricks and tips that we can all use to improve our craft.

There is no arbitrary level of success required to submit an essay. I want to hear from writers who care about making good stories and have something to say on the subject. This is not going to be a “Best-Selling Authors Reveal Their Get Rich Quick Formulas” book.

Examples Of Topics I Would Like To See: 

  • How To Plot Stories
  • Pacing/Tempo
  • Genre Specific Essays
  • Creating Memorable Characters
  • Making Action Scenes Realistic
  • Unobtrusive Worldbuilding
  • Tips For Self-Editing
  • Keeping Sequels Exciting
  • Romance Subplots
  • Lessons From The Classics

Topics That I Don’t Want To See:

  • Why [Popular Franchise] Is Lousy
  • Writing Screenplays/Teleplays
  • Articles On Self-Promotion (An important topic, but not for this collection.)
  • Keywords and Search Optimization (Again, not for this collection.)
  • Cover/Book Design (I want this focused on writing.)

Specific questions regarding suitable topics can be addressed to me via my Contact Form, but be advised that is not a guarantee of acceptance. The completed essays will be reviewed by multiple parties prior to acceptance. (“Who?” “Top men.”)


Target word count is between 2,000 and 5,000 words, but longer works will be considered. Articles based on works previously published online, such as blog posts, will be considered–provided that the work in question has been significantly changed and/or expanded from the previously published version. I am not interested in simply reprinting articles already available on the internet.

Submission Format: 

Manuscripts should be sent as an attachment to an email to my email, mjb63114 (at) gmail (dot) com. The email subject line should read Submission [or Query, if asking about a topic]/Pulp On Pulp/Author Name.

In the body of the email all I want to know is your name, the title of the essay, word count,  if it is based on a previously published blog post, a link to the post if so, and a brief description of the essay (2-3 sentences).

Author bios and bibliographies will be dealt with later, if the essay is accepted.

Manuscript Format: 

MS .doc, or .docx, Open Office .odt, or .rtf files. PDF files will not be opened.

12 point Times New Roman or similar. Not Courier–I hate Courier Font.

Double spacing, with paragraphs automatically indented via the Format command (not tabbed.)

At the top of the first page I want Author’s Name and Contact Information, approximate Word Count (round to the nearest 50) and Title of the Essay. If it is based on a previously published post, include the Link to that Post.

A Header in the format [Author Name]/[Title]/[Page Number].

Submission Window: 

Current plans are to take submissions through Sunday, June 7th, 2020. This deadline may be revised based on volume of submissions.

Comments and questions can be posted here, or directed to me via my contact form.

About MishaBurnett

I am the author of "Catskinner's Book", a science fiction novel available on Amazon Kindle. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008MPNBNS
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